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EXCLUSIVE: Lady Gaga considering making Lancaster County her home?

She’s been spotted around Lancaster County as a visitor, but could Lady Gaga soon become a local? Rumor has it the pop star is looking to buy a home in the area. 

It’s possible, but we don’t know for sure and we won’t until if and when Lady Gaga makes settlement on a property. Certainly though, the rumors are intensifying and circulating rapidly.

Could this castle-like stone front mega property be the home Lady Gaga is eyeing up in Lancaster County? Sources say the singer was spotted looking at the Oak Hill Road home, nestled within the exclusive and gated Bent Creek Community in Manheim Township. 

Tyler Nehlig’s parents own the home right next door. “I think it would be really interesting,” Nehlig stated. “I think they might have to step up front gate security a little bit to slow down paparazzi maybe, I don’t know,” Nehlig chuckled.

Nehlig says he’s well aware of the rumors and he’d welcome Lady Gaga as his new neighbor.

“I’ve heard she’s very low key and normal despite all of her exotic performances,” Nehlig added. Her shoes and her crazy costumes, I think it would be interesting to see the other side of her.”

The spacious, 6,000 plus square foot home with a three car garage is on the market for $1.699 million, according to the Prudential real estate agent listing the property. 

But, is the pop star paying up? The agent said she has not heard a single word from Lady Gaga, yet rumors of a sale continue to spread on Facebook.

Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, was introduced to Lancaster County by her Lancaster native boyfriend, Taylor Kinney. Kinney, an actor known for his work on CW’s ‘The Vampire Diaries’. 

The pair has been spotted around Lancaster County several times in recent weeks, at local bars, restaurants and even a Giant food store in Lititz.

We are told in addition to the Oak Hill Road home, there is another property in Bent Creek that people are positive Lady Gaga purchased. Right now it looks like these rumors are just rumors, no word about any definite sale at this point. 

Rumors dance that Lady Gaga might buy a home in Lancaster County

Has Lady Gaga purchased a house in Lancaster County? 

Admittedly, it sounds far-fetched. A Grammy Award-winning singer and Forbes’ top-earning female superstar of the year — earning $90 million a year — buying a home in south-central Pennsylvania. 

The rumor that she’s bought a house or is house hunting is all the buzz on social media sites Twitter and Facebook. 

It’s also a hot topic around the bar at the Bulls Head Public House in Lititz, where Lady Gaga was spotted leaving in September. 

“If she’s going to live in the area, I’d like her to come and live here in peace,” said Melissa Otto of Penn Township. 

Ever since the singer, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, quietly — but not completely unnoticed — slipped into Lancaster County at least three times this fall, residents have been going gaga for Gaga. 

The Billboard 2010 Artist of the Year is dating actor Taylor Kinney, a 2000 graduate of Lancaster Mennonite High School, who has family in Lancaster. The two met while filming the singer’s “You and I” music video. Kinney plays Mason Lockwood on “The Vampire Diaries.” 

A few days before Thanksgiving, a photo of Lady Gaga shopping at the Giant store in Lititz surfaced. The singer donned a long camel coat and — the one dead giveaway to her identity — a pair of her trademark monstrous high heels. 

According to Giant spokesman Chris Brand, Giant was given no warning the singer would be in the store. 

“That was a total and pleasant surprise,” he said. 

There’s also a YouTube video circulating of Gaga at a Lancaster County shooting range. 

Earlier in November, she was spotted at 915 Cafe on North Plum Street in Lancaster. Gaga was first seen in Lancaster in September when she dined at the Log Cabin Restaurant in Warwick Township and at the Bulls Head Public House. 

The small British pub connects to the General Sutter Inn near the square in Lititz. One of its bartenders, Brett Pendyck, was working the night Lady Gaga took a seat at a corner table with two well-dressed gentlemen. She ordered Jameson Irish Whiskey. 

She went unnoticed. 

“I didn’t realize it was her,” Pendyck said. “When she was leaving someone came in and said ‘That was Lady Gaga.’ People still come in saying, ‘Is Lady Gaga here? Is Lady Gaga here?’ ” 

The pop queen calls her fans little monsters. She is known for her outrageous outfits, including as a dress made of meat, her sky-high heels and lobster hats. 

“She is an extreme performer. I’m sure when she’s out in public she’s not extreme. She comes off as a normal person who is not recognized,” said Lechelle Hendershott of Kauai, Hawaii. She was in town visiting her brother who works at the Bulls Head. 

Lititz is an all-American town. Its rows of specialty shops, such as the Purple Turtle, Dosie Dough and Teddy Bear Emporium attract tourists. 

The town is home to Wilbur Chocolate, maker of Wilbur Buds; Woodstream, which makes Victor mousetraps; and Lititz Watch Technicum, an educational facility where students learn watchmaking. 

Its residents are not unaccustomed to celebrity sightings. 

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, co-host of the “Morning Joe” weekday morning show, calls Lititz home when she’s not working in New York City. She frequently stops by Cafe Chocolate of Lititz along Main Street, where her photograph is on display. 

Those who grew up in Lititz in the 1970s and ’80s recall heading to Clair Brothers after school on their bikes to hear bands such as Yes practice. 

Now called Clair Global, it is one of the biggest rock sound-system companies in the country. It joins another giant in the industry, Tait Towers, a stage-building and designing company, in calling Lititz home. 

The two companies have worked with the biggest names in the business, including Bruce Springsteen, Madonna and the Rolling Stones. In the past, it was not unusual for celebrities to come in and out of town under the radar. 

Billy Joel once made a stop, and so did U2’s Bono. Howard Jones and Joan Jett performed concerts about 20 years ago, when the borough’s recreation center opened. 

“I remember a time when Kenny Rogers was spotted on Main Street. I recall the folks who spotted him didn’t even ask him for his autograph,” Lititz Mayor Ronald G. Oettel said. 

“It’s just folks in a small town like Lititz tend to really respect the fact these folks are there, in part to get away from what they deal with on a day-to-day basis,” he added. 

Still, Oettel recognizes the star power of Lady Gaga. 

“When you take a celebrity of international status and put her in the little town of Lititz, it creates a stir,” he said. 

A Facebook page called Lady Gaga Spotting in Lancaster is dedicated to sightings. A recent entry addressed Gaga’s supposed house hunting. 

“There’s rumors that Gaga is looking for a house in the county, anyone hear anything?” 

The guesses as to where she has bought a house include Bent Creek, a gated community in Manheim Township just outside of Lititz where homes are priced from $500,000 to more than $1 million. 

Past rumors that Gaga was buying homes in the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard and Scotland were not true. But Lancaster is ready to welcome Gaga to the neighborhood. 

“Everyone I talked to, it’s, ‘Wow, Lady Gaga is in Lancaster,’ ” said Angie Winters of Brickerville. 

“A lot of people think she’s a little bit out there, but I love her,” Winters said. 

Anyone expecting to see Lady Gaga in Lancaster for Christmas will be disappointed. She’s in Japan, according to her posts on Twitter. She won’t be stateside until Dec. 31, in time to perform for “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.”

Lady Gaga a reincarnation of her aunt?

London, Dec 24 : Singer Lady Gaga says she is the reincarnation of her aunt.

The singer, known for her wacky outfits, feels she has two hearts and her spiritual beliefs have made people think she is crazy.

"I believe that I had a reincarnation and believe that you can be reborn over and over again. I believe I was my father's sister and her spirit is with me. I believe I am her reincarnation. When I talk about this in America they look at me like I am crazy," quoted Gaga as saying.

"My middle name is Joanne, which is my dad's sister's name, and her middle name is Stephanie, which is my birth name. It all just kind of comes together in this interesting way. Whenever I see my grandmother or my family, they say: 'You look so much like her'," she said.

"And I believe she had so much unfinished business on this Earth. She was a poet, writer and painter. I have two hearts and one is hers. I am grateful to God. I am a spiritual person and I thank God for my voice and music," she added. (IANS)

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Lady Gaga Greets Japanese Fans in Gold-Fingered Gloves

Deck Gaga with boughs of gold rope and metal studs. Fa la la la...
Lady Gaga has been donning some outrageous apparel in Tokyo, Japan this week, and her latest outfits take the cake for her most detailed off-stage getups to date.
On Thursday, the pop superstar braved temps that fell in the mid-30s and barely covered up in a metallic gold coat adorned with tassels and ropes. She paired the curtain-inspired outerwear with her signature platform shoes, black sunglasses and a waist-long ponytail. But her most standout accessory: black leather gloves with gold metal fingers.
Earlier that day, the 25-year-old bared her midriff, arms and legs in a black sheer skirt and black bra. She paired the outfit with a black leather short-sleeved unbuttoned shirt and matching S&M-inspired headpiece, both which were covered in silver metal spikes.
Although the Grammy-winning singer loves dressing up in wacky outfits, she especially loves going all out when she hits up East Asia. During her visit to Tokyo in July, she painted anime character cartoon eyes on her eyelids and delivered an interview with her eyes closed. That same month in Taiwan, she donned a series of creative hairstyles, from a sky-high beehive to a wig that was fashioned into a giant bow.

Lady Gaga, Rihanna Look-A-Likes Pop Up in 'Batman' Comic

"Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes!" has some guest-stars from the pop charts.

As Stephanie Brown, Batgirl herself, sets out on an undercover mission at all-girls spy school St. Hadrian's, her instructors bear striking resemblances to a trio of pop favorites: Katy Perry, Rihanna and a gun-toting Lady Gaga, who blasts a photo of Superman.

And the bespectacled headmistress? Looks like a certain Material Girl.

The one-shot issue, which wraps up writer Grant Morrison's "Batman Incorporated" storyline, is out now.

It isn't the first time one of pop's leading ladies has appeared in the funny pages: Gaga made an official appearance in the cartoon world in Bluewater Production's "Fame: Lady Gaga" comic book in 2010. With Perry's Hollywood career heating up and Rihanna set for a role in next year's "Battleship," perhaps a big-screen "Batman" cameo could be next. There's still time, Chris Nolan.

Lady Gaga Will Give Fans a New Song For Christmas

Lady Gaga told her fans (aka Little Monsters) that she was going to give them an unreleased song for Christmas.

The song, says the singer, was recorded live, "in one take, on the tour bus. Uncensored." she tweeted.

The secret song was intended for the "Born This Way" album.

Lady Gaga, according to Forbes magazine, was the top earning female in music of 2011, racking in 
$90 million.

Forbes said that total was boosted by "strong album sales, endorsements and an extremely lucrative world tour."

Gaga made more than the combined earnings of No. 2 on the list -- Taylor Swift ($45 million) and No. 3 Katy Perry ($44 million).

So the millionaire is giving back ... "Been racking my brain on what to get Little Monsters for Christmas!! I finally figured it out!!" she tweeted.

Whatever it is, her fans will go gaga over it.

Lady Gaga 'So Happy' About Oscar Recognition

Pop star's duet with Elton John, 'Hello Hello,' is on short list for Best Original Song.

How does Lady Gaga feel about making the short list for the Best Original Song race at the Oscars? Well, she's pretty excited.
"Just heard my duet 'Hello, Hello' with Elton [John] is up for nomination at the Oscars! 'Gnomeo & Juliet' is such a beautiful film," she wrote on Twitter. "I'm so happy!!"

On Monday, it was announced that the Gaga/Elton duet is one of the 39 tracks vying for a nomination.'s "Rio" track, "Hot Wings," Mary J. Blige's "The Living Proof" from "The Help," and Zooey Deschanel's "Winnie the Pooh" track, "So Long," along with multiple tracks from "The Muppets," are also in the running. The final nominations will be announced January 24, and the awards show is slated to take place February 26 at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles.

Gaga is celebrating her latest achievement in Japan, where she will spend the holidays. "Well, I'll be in Japan right up until Christmas Day," she recently told MTV News. "So I'll be eating with all my Japanese Little Monsters. I like shabu shabu [a type of Japanese hotpot]."

Since touching down, Mother Monster has been keeping her fans up-to-date on what she's been up to on Twitter. "Sipping tea in Japan with Haus. Feeling so grateful," she wrote. "We sold about 1 million albums a month worldwide since the release of BORN THIS WAY."

The busy holiday season caps off an even busier year for Lady Gaga, who happened to be MTV News' Top Newsmaker of 2011. She tirelessly released singles, videos, personas and a chart-topping album (Born This Way) and scooped up awards at seemingly every show from the Grammys to the VMAs. She was also #5 on our list of Best Artists of 2011, and her disco empowerment track "Born This Way" snagged the #5 spot on theBest Songs of 2011 list as well.

Commentary: Lady Gaga rightfully achieves glory with Entertainer of the Year title

It has become almost a burden being a Lady Gaga super-fan because of the public's perception of her, labeling everything she does as "attention-seeking" or "weird." So when I found out that the Associated Press voted Gaga as the Entertainer of the Year, I was happy for her, but I know she's much more than an entertainer. That psychotic mess of fashion and talent is an artist.
People will obviously disagree, because many don't consider pop music an art form, but when you have people like Gaga and BeyoncĂ©, who make full-concept albums in the midst of records filled with sure-fire hits, you can't call them anything else. An artist takes risks with his or her music, taking the chance that the mainstream will recoil from it. It's also interesting that Entertainment Weekly just came out with its annual Entertainer of the Year issue and Gaga is nowhere to be found. I guess that title is highly subjective.
I see her getting the most votes for Entertainer of the Year because she nabbed the most headlines. Let's face it; Throughout 2011, Gaga's been a part of more headline-grabbing shenanigans than any other person on Earth. From arriving to the Grammys in an egg to her many controversial videos and songs, Gaga's never really that far from the public eye. You could say she's a bit overexposed, but only because the media loves capturing everything she says and does.
She's had her own Thanksgiving special, dressed as an Italian-American man, pissed off the Catholic Church with "Judas," started an anti-bullying foundation, met with the president of the United States, got nominated for five Emmys for the "Monster Ball," and is Google's most-searched female musician of 2011. She's the only person on Twitter with more than 17 million followers and has one of the highest-grossing tours of all-time. She's worked with legends like Elton John, Tony Bennett and Cher.  
She's done plenty to be named Entertainer of the Year.
Gaga is one of the few musicians who still travels the world, visiting different countries when not on tour. She's trying to make a difference with her music, refusing to let injustice slide. And though some may say Adele or the cast of the Harry Potter films or even the late Steve Jobs should've been given the title, you can't deny the influence and star power that Gaga exudes.
To me, the AP giving Gaga this title is both an honor and a curse. It shows how enormous her star has become but the higher the star, the bigger it falls. I think Gaga needs to slow down and rest up in 2012, which will be hard because she's gearing up for the not-yet-titled tour for "Born This Way" and she's already recording new music for her third studio album.
Gaga's showing no signs of taking time off, so people will have to get used to seeing her in the headlines until her star burns out. While Adele's "21" is breathing life into the music industry and Rihanna and Katy Perry cement their status as singles artists, Gaga's making sure people will remember her name long after she's dead and gone.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Lady GaGa Named On The Oscars 'Best Song' Longlist

She's picked up a mention for Elton John duet, Hello Hello...

09:28, Tuesday, 20 December 2011
Lady GaGa has been named on The Oscars2012 longlist in the Best Song category.
The Marry The Night singer is mentioned in the list of 39 songs hoping for a nomination, with her Gnomeo and Juliet duet, Hello Hello, with Elton John in the race for a place in the final list.
Elton's solo track Love Builds A Garden also features, while Mary J. Blige has received a nod for The Help's Living Proof.
Robbie Williams and Brad Paisley's Cars 2 collaboration Collision of Worlds will also go head-to-head with Will.I.Am's track Hot Wings from the movie Rio and Zooey Deschanel's So Long, taken from Winnie the Pooh.
Madonna has missed out on a place in the longlist as her song Masterpiece from flick W.E.featured too far into the movie's end credits - with the rules stating it must be a lead song to received a nomination.
Out of the 39 tracks appearing on the longlist, only five will secure a nod and make the shortlist in the Best Song category.
However, if not one song receives enough votes from members of the Academy, there could be no category at all.
The voting process begins on 5th January, while the full 2012 Oscars nominations will be announced live on 24th January 2012, at 5.30am PT at the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theatre.

Lady Gaga - Lady Gaga Buys Driver Nappies

Lady Gaga has treated her UK chauffeur to a year's supply of nappies after finding out he is set to become a father for the first time.
Lady Gaga has treated her chauffeur to a year's supply of nappies.
The 'Marry the Night' hitmaker was so delighted to hear her UK driverwas about to become a dad for the first time that she splashed out on the practical gift for him.
A source told The Sun newspaper: "Gaga is very generous with her presents and makes a huge effort for those who look after her. As soon as she found out her UKdriver was going to be a dad, she was on the phone, trying to sort out a gift. It had to be something quirky, too - it's part of her nature.
"Gaga has used the same driver for years since she first started performing in the UK. The poor guy has to drive her through hordes of screaming fans after gigs. Considering how often she stands up through the sunroof to salute her Little Monsters, he must know every inch of her midriff."
Gaga will be swapping Christmas presents with her 'Vampire Diaries' boyfriend Taylor Kinney, when he flies from Pennsylvania to New York on Boxing Day (26.12.11) to spend time with the singer and her parents.
The couple have been dating since meeting on the set of her 'You and I' video earlier this year.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Donald Trump : "I Discovered Lady Gaga"

Donald Trump is claiming he’s the reason Lady Gaga is successful. He’s also responsible for Willow Smith, Michael Buble, and The Beatles. 

I guess U.S. politics kind of laughed Donald Trump out of D.C., so now he’s going back to talking about celebs. It’s good to have you back, Donald. 

Trump says that during the Miss Universe Pageant in 2008, Lady Gaga headlined and that’s how she got her big break. 

“I own the Miss Universe Pageant,” said Trump. Don’t worry, he continued. 

“And about four years ago, during what you call half-time, we always have an entertainer. We’ve had a lot of great people, and you don’t pay them anything because it’s one of the biggest audiences and my people told me, ‘Nobody knows who she is but there’s this woman with good talent named Lady GaGa.’ And I said, ‘Give me a break.’ And then they said, ‘She’s really good.’ So I said, ‘I don’t care, if you like her, put her on.’” 

Wait, so let me get this straight. You said “I don’t care” and somehow, you’re responsible for Lady Gaga, one of the biggest entertainers of all time? So what the Donald is saying here is--he makes people huge stars using sheer indifference. He does things by not doing anything at all. That makes sense. 

“So we put her on… it was live all over the United States and all over the world and the next day, nobody was talking about (the winner of) Miss Universe, everybody was talking, ‘Who was the woman, who was the entertainer? She was unbelievable.” 

Trump says that Gaga knows he’s responsible for her breakout, too. 

“She’s been very gracious about it… About a year ago, when she was so hot, and she’s hot now, she was performing at Radio City Musical Hall and there were a lot of celebrities, all sitting next to me, and her manager came up during the performance and said, ‘GaGa wants to see you, but only Donald Trump.’” 
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