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Lady GaGa: 'I want Italian sperm donor'

Lady GaGa has said that she is looking for someone to father her child via in vitro fertilisation.

The 'Born This Way' singer claimed that she is on the hunt for a man to help her produce the perfect offspring.

GaGa, who is believed to be dating Pennsylvania-born actor and model Taylor Kinney, said that she wants the genes of someone who has an Italian heritage.

She confessed on Spain's Radio Ibiza: "I want a baby from an Italian - possibly Sicilian - donor."

The 25-year-old, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, is daughter to New York restaurant owner Joseph, who originates from Naso, Sicily.

According to the Daily Mail, when asked by Italian media if GaGa was consulting him, Italy's leading artificial insemination medic Severino Antinori said: "I don't talk about my patients."

> Lady GaGa reaches 18 million Twitter followers

Watch the video for Lady GaGa's 'Marry The Night' below:

Rashida Jolley on touring with Lady Gaga and being an R&B diva/harpist

D.C.-based Rashida Jolley is the world's only R&B diva-slash-harpist.
Or at least, the only one we know of.
Jolley, once called a “head-banging harpist" by The Post's Chris Richards (in a review she can quote by heart), will debut the video for her new single, “Play My Heart” at an event tonight at Opera Lounge.The video, which features a cameo from Wale, will be followed by a debut EP planned for spring and a full-length debut in the fall.
Jolley's impressive resume already includes motivational speaking, spokesperson work for the American Heart Association (her father, jazz guitarist Noble Jolley, died of heart disease), a run on "America's Got Talent," and a stint playing harp for Lady Gaga during her 2010-11
Monster Ball world tour.
You must have a pretty thick skin when it comes to harp jokes.
I developed a thick skin when I was a young kid and started playing. I
got teased about it not being a cool instrument. I've heard it all.
When did you realize the harp had possibilities beyond being something you could play at brunch?
I can't take any credit for it. It was my mother. She came up with the
idea of me playing the harp and doing something different with it,
because I was trained classically and I sing. The singing I was doing
was R&B and pop, then I would do classical music on the harp. She
said, You need to do both, to learn how to do R&B and pop music on the
harp. I was like, What? Are you sure? Who has done that? And she said,
Exactly. So I took on that challenge.
Are there physical difficulties to singing and playing the harp at the same time? Like how drummers who sing get backaches?
Initially, there definitely was. It took a lot of practice, ironing out the kinks. Even down to figuring out how to position the part of my body that goes toward the mic, and the part of my body that goes to the harp to play ... Sometimes I have a big harp that weighs a hundred pounds and is almost six feet tall, and sometimes I have a little harp that straps onto me and weighs seven pounds ... It's great because you can walk around with it [on stage], and I can dance and sing and move around.
Do you feel like you need to convince people that the harp can have muscle, that it's not necessarily a delicate instrument?
Yes, but I think a picture is worth a thousand words. It's hard to get it until you see a performance. Even for myself, there are things I've done in a performance I've never rehearsed, never thought about, but I got so caught up in the moment. When I performed on "The Mo'Nique Show," I had no idea that I threw my leg up on the side of the harp [when I was playing]. I was just feeling the moment. Later, Mo'Nique was like, You kicked your leg up on the harp! I was like, I did? I had totally zoned out. It is a delicate instrument, and it's a beautiful instrument. But it's a sturdy instrument.
You toured recently with Lady Gaga. What was that like?
That was incredible. My brother got an e-mail about auditions for Gaga ... I was like, maybe I should do this. Why not? I went on an audition and was selected to go on this worldwide tour that completely changed my life. To be onstage with one of the greatest entertainers of our time and to learn from her, both on and off the stage, I couldn't have paid for that experience. It was priceless.
Did you work side by side with her, or did she have a director?
She had a music director and a bandleader and a huge band. One of the things I loved about being on that tour was that all of the band members were highlighted [during] the show. We did stadiums, we did arenas from Mexico to Japan. Australia, New Zealand, Paris, Germany. It was priceless, and I'm eternally grateful that I got to live that experience.

Lady GaGa Buys Luxury London Apartment?

As Mother Monster reveals in a radio interview that she wants a baby...

Lady GaGa has allegedly purchased a luxury apartment in London.
According to The Metro, the Bad Romancehitmaker has snapped up a plush pad in a new-build complex in Fitzrovia, which is north of Oxford Street.
An insider has claimed that the building - which is not yet complete - will allegedly boast of modern concrete exterior, floor-to-ceiling windows, four luxury penthouses, a roof garden and a communal courtyard.
Fitzrovia has proved increasingly popular with celebrities over the past few years, withMadonna previously owning a town house in the area, while her ex-partner Guy Ritchiebrought two mansions in May 2010.
It seems the 25-year old may have had a change of heart after stating in November that she didn't want to splash her cash on a property: "I’m not ready to buy a house. It feels like marriage or something. It’s such a commitment. I don’t like it."
In other GaGa news, the Marry The Night singer has confessed in an interview with Spain's Radio Ibiza that she hopes to start a family soon - but did not mention her current beau, Taylor Kinney.
Instead, Mother Monster admitted she's considering using a donor to help conceive her first child, telling the radio station: "I want a baby from an Italian - possibly Sicilian - donor."

Brand This Way: 3 Road-Tested Marketing Moves Ripped From Lady Gaga

There is much the corporate world can learn from this 25-year-old diva, whose talent for building a brand might even surpass her formidable performing chops.

On July 12, 2011, Lady Gaga’s private jet touched down on Australian soil. She was in town to promote her new album. The only formal gig planned for her was a mini-concert at the Sydney Town Hall. The venue was renamed Monster Hall in honor of her fans, who she regularly refers to as "Little Monsters." Within hours of her arrival, she put out her first tweet: "Thinking of going out in Sydney tonight. How I wish we had a show. NEVERMIND, don't listen to me. Maybe I’ll just go for a walk in the pARQ." So, had Lady Gaga traveled 20 hours for just the one concert?  
As the hours ticked by, her many Sydney fans pondered the deeper meaning of her cryptic tweet. By late afternoon, they’d cracked it. Nevermind and Arq are the names of two popular Sydney nightspots. The fans began gathering at these venues from early evening. And then, around 11 p.m., she entered the club Nevermind stage and did a one-hour show, followed by a show at the club Arq. The crowds were ecstatic. Once again the fans had found their Lady Gaga--or was Lady Gaga finding her Sydney audience?
Lady Gaga has a thoroughly sophisticated understanding of direct consumer communication. She came from seemingly nowhere in 2008. (Well, okay, from the nowhere of New York City.) In four short years, she’s become a global phenomenon. Not many others can claim 47 million Facebook fans and more than 18 million Twitter followers. Her vast reach should inspire even the most skeptical of marketers out there.
There is much the corporate world can learn from this 25-year-old diva whose talent for building a brand might even surpass her formidable performing chops. Here are three things businesses should borrow from the woman christened Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta:
1. Connect--and stay connected--to creativity.
Have you ever wondered where the idea for Lady Gaga’s meat dress came from? The dress, made out of fresh beef, surprised people across the world. It later went on to be preserved by taxidermists, and is now on display at the Women Who Rock exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Another question to ponder is how Gaga's scant 1,234 tweets generated millions and millions of fans. The tweets did not in fact come from Lady Gaga herself, but from Haus of Gaga, her behind-the-scenes creative team. This is not a clever exercise in renaming. The Haus of Gaga is made up of individuals who inspire her, pick up on trends, travel with her, and help create her outfits and shows. What they all have in common is that they each have direct access to the performer. The distance from idea to action is merely one conversation away.
Lady Gaga has been quoted as saying that taking away her creative team would be her downfall. It is interesting to note that the downfall of many brands has been exactly that. Steve Jobs made good design synonymous with every Apple product. It was one of his priorities. As such, it is a well-known fact that Jonathan Ive, the head of design at Apple, reported directly to Steve Jobs. Every creative idea went straight to the top. Sadly, few companies realize how important creativity is for the survival of their brand.

2. Create a direct pipeline to your customer’s soul.
Lady Gaga’s ability to get so very close to her audience and understand their needs, as well as cater to their hopes and musical tastes, is far from a coincidence. One of the secrets of her success can be found in a nondescript van that follows the concert tour, going wherever her team goes. 
Most top performers produce their music at recording sessions in discretely luxurious studios. Lady Gaga does things differently. She takes along a mobile recording studio wherever she goes. A recording team, on call 24 hours a day, staffs this mobile studio. As a result, most of the songs she produces are recorded within hours of leaving the stage. She does this to capture the zeitgeist of the moment, tapping into the very DNA of her audience. She steps off the stage fresh with the knowledge of what her audience most passionately responded to. Then, with the applause still ringing in her ears, she steps into the mobile studio and responds to their feedback.
Which should resonate with today’s corporate world. I cannot count the number of times I’ve advised companies to move their research and development centers closer to their customers. Take, for example, a major coffee manufacturer I’ve worked with for years. They were puzzled as to why their newest coffee brand was performing poorly. When I visited their testing facility to sample the product, I was met by a team dressed in white, in a room painted white, and was served the coffee in a white mug. They were anxiously waiting for my opinion.
Sipping on that coffee in such an austere environment was a long way away from far the convivial atmosphere of drinking coffee at home. “So, what do you think?” they asked. My answer was considered as I explained that, despite the product testing well in the lab, it was necessary to take it into the home of the consumer. In that way, I’m sure they would see that the experience would be completely different. This was the broken link. So, we moved the innovation and testing process out of the laboratory and into private homes. They’re now testing coffee in consumers’ kitchens, living rooms, and front porches. Their accuracy of predicting a new coffee product’s success has increased by 60%.
3. Be vulnerable.
In contrast to almost every other accomplished performer out there, a major ingredient in Lady Gaga’s success has been her ability to show an authentic vulnerability. She often shares stories about her own life with her fans, or "Little Monsters," as she calls them, and never shies away from revealing her insecurities and listing her many mistakes. The Little Monsters love it. Not only does she manage to mirror her fans’ personal problems, but she also manages to unite them in a tight-knit tribe.
Many years ago, PepsiCo established an innovation lab online. It asked Pepsi fans to sign up, develop new flavors and concepts, and share these with PepsiCo. In order to understand the idea, I was quick to sign up, and share my ideas. I got an instant response: "Thank you for your ideas. We will get back to you." Six years later, I’m still waiting.
Some companies do, in fact, understand this. They engage their fans in innovation, treat them as stars of the show and, most importantly, get back to them frequently. Take Lego, the Danish construction toy loved by kids for decades. Now, those kids can build the creature or vehicle or weapon of their dreams, photograph it, and upload it on the Lego website, where it will be voted and commented on by other young aficionados.
The consumers love it. They feel so much a part of a brand that they are called upon to advise as well as share in the weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It makes everything more human. And that is perhaps the essence behind Lady Gaga’s popularity. She is human. This is a strength that I’d venture to say every great brand once had, but has lost sight of over time. If yours is a company that’s become disconnected from your humanity, perhaps it’s time to channel your inner Gaga.
Martin Lindstrom is a 2009 recipient of TIME Magazine's "World's 100 Most Influential People" and author of Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy (Doubleday, New York), a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best–seller. His latest book, Brandwashed: Tricks Companies Use to Manipulate Our Minds and Persuade Us to Buy, was published in September. A frequent advisor to heads of numerous Fortune 100 companies, Lindstrom has also authored 5 best-sellers translated into 30 languages. More at martinlindstrom.com.

Lady Gaga ‘Uses Her Talent to Make This World Better, and That’s Because She Practices Yoga’

Oh, yoga. You're probably going to do some after work. Maybe you got to a class this morning. Maybe you're thinking about going, but you're ultimately not going to go because you feel like yoga is a place where everyone has to show off, like they're wearing clothes to Fashion Week or something, and you'd really just like to tell everyone in what orifice they can stick their wall-less forearm stands. Well speaking of show-offs, guess whose love of yoga was reaffirmed today? Lady Gaga's! Her Bikram instructor Tricia Donegan spoke to T's blog:
Lady Gaga must be a good yoga student since everyone is always commenting on her body.
Lady Gaga is something very special, because she is a woman of service. She uses her talent to make this world better, and that’s because she practices yoga. We are using her celebrityism so that people will listen. She is blessed that she has talent, but what’s special about her is that she’s going to change the world. When I teach yoga, I teach a practice of self-compassion. When you ask, how do I teach my clients, the answer is, the way they do anything is how they do everything. So if they’re successful in one part of their life, they will be successful in Bikram.
So anyway, the other thing that irks about yoga is how you can't get there late, because if you interrupt the "om" stuff in the beginning, the teacher gets upset, but if you get there on time you have to listen to the beginning-of-the-class monologue about life and whatever trip to the Berkshires the instructor took recently. But, it's not like you can QUIT doing yoga because you started and all, and now yoga-dropping ("Sorry I'm late, I was just at the hardest yoga class") is a thing you do.

Lady Gaga Considering Children?

Lady Gaga's pretty much done it all in her career, even at the age of just 25 the global megastar has achieved more than most would in a lifetime, selling millions and touring the world whilst never being far away from courting controversy. However the pop princess has been getting broody recently - surely Gaga isn't about to settle down?
The UK's Daily Mail reports that Gaga has been talking babies to a Spanish radio station, although with it being her of course there are some rather specific stipulations with regards who she might have a child with. "I want a baby from an Italian - possibly Sicilian - donor" she reportedly told Radio Ibiza, great news for red blooded Italians everywhere, not so great news for the existing boyfriend that the pop star already has - the very much American Taylor Kinney. Born in Neffsville, Pennsylvania, he's unsurprisingly not yet commented on these quotes, though can't surely help but feel a little insecure - admittedly probably no more insecure than anyone would be dating the outspoken icon.
However, if the method is by donor then perhaps Kinney can breathe a sigh of relief; leading Italian artificial insemination medic SEVERINO ANTINORI was asked by the press whether Gaga had been consulting him about the issue, only to reply "I don't talk about my patients." Back in October Gaga was asked about her love life and was similarly tight-lipped, saying "You know I don't talk about my love life, but I'm very happy," so he might be alright yet.

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Two Door Cinema Club Worked 'Day And Night' For Lady Gaga

Two Door Cinema Club Worked 'Day And Night' For Lady Gaga

Two Door Cinema Club have revealed they worked ''day and night'' while touring to remix a song for Lady Gaga.
Two Door Cinema Club worked "day and night" to remix a song for Lady Gaga.
The 'I Can Talk' group - which features Alex Trimble, Kevin Baird and Sam Halliday - were approached by the 'Edge of Glory' hitmaker to produce a version of her song 'Electric Chapel' for a remix album and although they had a tight deadline to complete it, they jumped at the chance.
Singer Alex told The Sun newspaper: "She said we only had a week. That's not a lot of time, especially as we were on tour but I couldn't turn down such an incredible opportunity. So we worked every single day and night and threw it together. I'm really proud of it."
The band came to Gaga's attention after they recorded a live version of her song 'Poker Face' in 2010.
The band are currently working on the follow up to debut 'Tourist History', and claim it will see them move away from the pop and rock which influenced their first record.
Alex has said: "All of us have been listening to quite a lot of hip-hop, the last year or so Sam's been really into Kanye West and Jay-Z and Drake.
"He's been playing it around the house so it gets in your head, and that has come out in the music."
The band's second album is expected to be released this Summer.

Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift Barely Made it to Billboard’s 2012 Power 100 List

Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift ! Sweet.. =)

Interestingly, despite their sold-out concerts worldwide and huge sales of their individual albums, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift almost did not make it to Billboard's 2012 Power 100 list, which ranks the 100 most powerful people in the music industry - from artists to label executives, managers, television and movie executives.

The list is determined by a combination of factors including market share, exclusive Billboard chart data/boxscore information and revenue.

Here's the full list:

1. Irving Azoff
2. Coran Capshaw
3. Lucian Grainge
4. Martin Bandier
5. Doug Morris
6. Michael Rapino
7. Rob Light
8. Len Blavatnik
9. Tim Leiweke
10. Jimmy Iovine
11. Eddy Cue and Robert Kondrk
12. John Hogan
13. Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter & Beyonce Knowles
14. Lyor Cohen
15. Randy Phillips
16. Emmanuel Seuge
17. Frank Cooper
18. Barry Weiss
19. Rob Stringer and Steve Barnett
20. Arthur Fogel
21. Marc Geiger
22. Dan Mason
23. Bob Pittman
24. Roger Faxon
25. Ronald “Slim” Williams and Bryan “Birdman” Williams
26. Rio Caraeff
27. U2 and Paul McGuinness
28. Julie Greenwald and Craig Kallman
29. Daniel Ek
30. Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald
31. Lewis W. Dickey, Jr
32. Peter Grosslight
33. Charles Attal, Charlie Jones and Charlie Walker
34. Robert Greenblatt
35. Van Toffler
36. Monte Lipman
37. Antonio “L.A.” Reid
38. Joel Katz
39. Mark Campana and Bob Roux
40. Tim Westergren
41. Peter Edge and Tom Corson
42. Tom Poleman
43. Chip Hooper
44. Hartwig Masuch
45. Rob Cavallo and Todd Moscowitz
46. Cliff Burnstein and Peter Mensch
47. Nathan Hubbard
48. Jay Brown
49. Evan Lamberg
50. Jon Bon Jovi
51. Lia Vollack
52. Jan Jeffries
53. Steve Bartels
54. Scott Borchetta
55. Blaise D’Sylva
56. Neil Portnow
57. Dennis Arfa
58. Cameron Strang
59. Cortez Bryant/Gee Roberson
60. Sean Parker
61. Steve Moore
62. Paul Rosenberg
63. Tifanie Van Laar
64. Ryan Seacrest
65. Robert Kyncl
66. Lorne Michaels
67. John Butcher
68. Clint Higham
69. Randy Spendlove
70. Rich Lehrfeld
71. Peter Luukko
72. John Branca
73. Melissa Lonner
74. Raul Alarcon, Jr.
75. John Frankenheimer
76. Cary Sherman
77. Larry Marcus
78. Taylor Swift
79. Kevin Mayer
80. PJ Bloom
81. James L. Dolan
82. Jesus Lopez
83. Martin Karl “Max Martin” Sandberg
84. Lady Gaga
85. Mike Dungan
86. Fred Wilson
87. Jon Platt
88. Willard Ahdritz
89. John Ivey and Alex Tear
90. Jody Gerson
91. Chris Tsakalakis
92. Nigel Lythgoe
93. Richard Busch
94. Debra Lee
95. David Israelite
96. Steve Berman
97. Rich Bengloff
98. Gary Overton
99. Daniel Glass
100. Simon Cowell

Lady Gaga To Release Album This Year

Little Monsters the world over can rejoice over the news that Lady Gaga has confirmed plans for an album release this year. Though still riding high on the success of Born This Way, Lady Gaga is not about to stop and break the momentum. 

She told The Insider that 2012 would see her continuing to do what she's been doing so well. “I just want to keep going,” Lady Gaga revealed. “I'm not as goal-obsessed as I am process-obsessed. I just want to keep writing music. I'm looking forward to putting out another album and going on tour.”

Lady Gaga A Hot Topic In Russian Lawsuit

It seems that the Russians aren't so Gaga for Lady Monster, as they're suggesting a "doomed concert" lost them $1.5 million...
TMZ.com have reported that ZAO, the company that owns the Russian music network MUZ-TV, has filed the necessary legal documents in Miami.
The network has claimed that they paid Gaga $1.5 million to make an appearance at the upcoming MUZ-TV awards in June but the deal fell through. Worse still, they have yet to receive their money back...
But don't panic, because it's not actually Lady Gaga's fault!
According to TMZ, ZAO booked the 'Poker Face' star through a Miami management firm called NWE. NWE claimed it had the contacts in the music industry required to lock down Gaga for the awards show. Unfortunately, this turns out to have been something of a fib...
NWE failed to secure the singer and has repeatedly turned down ZAO's requests for their money back. And, to add insult to injury, they have apparently siphoned off $300,000 as a broker fee.
Ouch! That's gotta sting. No wonder ZAO is so flippin' angry!
 We love Gaga, so we can understand how ZAO feel so disappointed. Maybe flicking through her weirdest outfits will cheer them up?

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Lady Gaga Wins Big at Japanese Gold Disk Awards

MANILA, Philippines – Japanese girl group AKB48 and Lady Gaga bagged the Album of the Year awards for the Japanese and Western categories, respectively, at the 26th Japan Gold Disc Award 2012, organized by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ).
The awards were based on actual sales in Japan from to Nov. 1, 2010 to Oct. 31, 2011.
AKB48 won a total of 10 awards. Meanwhile, Korean girl group KARA won Best Asian Artist and four other awards, the most number for a K-pop singer.
Kiyoshi Hikawa was named Best Enka/Kyokyoku Artist while Korean Park Hyun Bin won as Best Enka/Kyokyoku New Artist.
In the New Artist of the Year category, the winners are Kis-My-Ft2 (Japan), LMFAO (Western) and 2PM (Asia).
The Best 5 New Artists in Japan are NMB48, Ayaman Japan, Kaoru to Tomoki, Tama ni Mook, Kis-My-Ft2 and back number.
In the Western category, the Best 3 New Artists are Bruno Mars, LMFAO and Nicki Minaj.
In the Asia category, boy bands BEAST and 2PM along with solo artist Jang Geun Suk won as Best 3 New Artists.
For the Album of the Year, the winners are: “Ikimono Bakari-Members BEST Selection” by Ikimono Gakari (Japan), “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga (Western) and “Girls Generation” – Girls Generation (Asia).
The Best 5 Japanese Albums are “SENSE” by Mr. Children, “Beautiful World” by Arashi, “Ikimono Bakari-Members BEST Selection”-Ikimono Gakari, “Koko ni Ita Koto” by AKB48, and “Negai no Tou” by EXILE.
The Best 3 Western Albums are “Goodbye Lullaby” by Avril Lavigne, “Greatest Hits” by Bon Jovi and “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga.
The Best 3 Asian Albums are “Girl’s Talk” by KARA,”Girls Generation” by Girls Generation and “TONE” by TVXQ (aka Tohoshinki).
In the Song of the Year by Download, the winners are “Jumping” by KARA (Asia), “Ryuusei” by Kobukuro (Japan) and “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga (Western).
In the Best 5 Songs by Download, the winners are “Everyday, Katyusha” by AKB48, “Maru Maru Mori Mori!” by Kaoru to Tomoki, Tama ni Mook, “Jumping” by KARA, “Ryuusei” by Kobukuro and “Kono Yoru wo Tomete yo” by JUJU.
KARA’s “Best Clips” also won as Best Music Video along with “ARASHI 10-11 Tour ‘Scene’-Kimi to Boku no Miteiru Fuukei-STADIUM” – Arashi (Japan), “ARASHI 10-11 Tour ‘Scene’-Kimi to Boku no Miteiru Fuukei-Dome+”–Arashi (Japan), “AKB ga Ippai-The Best Music Video” – AKB48 (Japan) and “Michael Jackson’s Vision” – Michael Jackson (Western).
Other winners are:
Classic Album of the Year: “Kamisama no Karute-Tsujii Nobuyuki Jisakushuu” – Tsujii Nobuyuki
Jazz Album of the Year: “… Featuring” by Norah Jones
Instrumental Album of the Year: “The Best of Taro Hakase” by Taro Hakase
Soundtrack Album of the Year: “Burlesque”
Animation Album of the Year: “Gintama BEST 2” – Various Artists
Traditional Japanese Music Album of the Year: “47th Columbia Zenkoku Ginei Concours: Kadaigin Odamaki” by Nippon Columbia Ginei Ongakukai
Concept Album of the Year: “Love Songs” by Che’Nelle
Single of the Year: “Everyday, Katyusha” by AKB48
Best 5 Singles: “Everyday, Kachuusha” by AKB48, “Kaze wa Fuiteiru” by AKB48, “Sakura no Ki ni Narou” by AKB48, “Chance no Junban” by AKB48 and “Flying Get” by AKB48
Special Award: “Songs For Japan” by Various Artists

Lady Gaga hires private chef

Lady Gaga will only eat food prepared by one British chef when she next visits London.
The Born This Way singer will travel to the UK in upcoming weeks on a promotional tour.
While she is in the country Lady Gaga will dine on food prepared byAngela Farmer, a sous chef in the lavish Lanesborough hotel.
“Gaga won’t eat anything unless it’s been specifically prepared by Angela which means meal times can be a bit of a nightmare when she’s on promo duty,” a source told British newspaper The Mirror.
Lady Gaga is on a strict lean protein diet. The star eats five small meals a day and only drinks tea, water, coconut milk and sugar-free drinks.
Angela prepares healthy food just the way Lady Gaga likes it. The singer often eats the chef’s meals on the go.
“[Gaga] specifically loves Angela’s canapĂ©s of serrano-wrapped shrimps and her monkfish skewers, so quite often these are wrapped up and served as an on-the-road packed lunch,” the source added.
The Lanesborough is confident in their cuisine. The reputable establishment is happy to accommodate special requests like Lady Gaga’s from time to time.
“Angela does work here and is one of a team of sous chefs working with executive chef Paul Gayler,” a Lanesborough spokesperson told the newspaper. “We are known for our innovative cuisine so it sometimes happens that guests ask for a particular chef they like.”
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Complete Winners List MuchMusic Video Awards

-Video of the Year  : Shawn Desman for “Electric/Night Like This,” directed by RT!

-Post-Production of the Year : Danny Fernandes f. Belly for “Automatic,” directed by RT!

-Cinematography of the Year : Blake McGrath for “Relax,” directed by Kyle Davison

-Director of the Year : You Say Party for “Lonely’s Lunch,” directed by Sean Wainsteim

-Pop Video of the Year : Down With Webster for “Whoa Is Me,” directed by Aaron A.

-MuchLOUD Rock Video of the Year : Abandon All Ships for “Geeving,” directed by Davin Black

-MuchVibe Hip Hop Video of the Year : Classified for “That Ain’t Classy,” directed by Harv

-MuchFACT Indie Video of the Year : JDiggz f. Neverending White Lights for “This Time,” directed by RT!

-International Video of the Year - Artist: Lady Gaga for “Judas,” directed by Lady Gaga and Laurieann Gibson

-International Video of the Year - Group : Far East Movement f. The Cataracs & Dev for “Like a G6,” directed by Matt Alonzo

-International Video of the Year by a Canadian : (TIE) Drake for “Find Your Love,” directed by Anthony Mandler, and Justin Bieber f. Usher for “Somebody to Love (Remix),” directed by Dave Meyers

-UR FAVE Video : Fefe Dobson for “Stutterin,” directed by Alan Ferguson

-UR FAVE International Artist : Lady Gaga for “Born This Way,” directed by Nick Knight and Haus of Gaga

-UR FAVE Artist : Justin Bieber f. Usher for “Somebody to Love (Remix),” directed by Dave Meyers

-MuchMusic.com Most Watched Video : Taio Cruz for “Dynamite”

Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber big winners at MMVAs

TORONTO - It's that time of year again. The Queen Street streetcar has been replaced by buses while teenagers from all over have set up camp chairs along Toronto's downtown sidewalks, all in preparation for the 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards.

But can you really call the event an awards show if a number of the awards are handed out on the red carpet, potentially before the recipients have arrived? It's a strategy that certainly streamlined the show - getting rid of a number of pesky acceptance speeches - but it did make the whole thing more like an elaborate concert than a party about honouring talent.

Nonetheless, the weather was perfect and the area around MuchMusic's downtown headquarters was transformed into a compound of stages, red carpets and screaming fans. 

All prerequisites for a show bookended with Lady Gaga performances and peppered by celebrity appearances by the likes of Justin Bieber and co-host Selena Gomez, performances by The Black Keys, Bruno Mars, and City and Colour (among others), and presenters such as Snoop Dogg, Shawn Desman and Danny Fernandes.

Video of the Year went to Desman for his song Electric/Night Like This, directed by RT!, the man behind six of this year's nominated videos, including the MuchFACT Indie Video of the Year, which went to JDiggz featuring Neverending White Lights for This Time and Best Post-Production of the Year, which went to Danny Fernandes featuring Belly for Automatic. 

Despite his dominance, though, RT! failed to snag Director of the Year, which went to Sean Wainsteim for his espionage-esque video for You Say Party's Lonely's Lunch.

Other notable winners were Lady Gaga and Bieber, both of whom won all the awards they were nominated for. Lady Gaga sealed her international dominance by beating out nine other nominees to take home the award for International Video of the Year - Artist for Judas, and picked up the fan choice UR FAVE International Video for Born This Way.

Teen heart-throb Bieber also picked up two awards. Bieber's Somebody to Love (remix), featuring Usher, tied with Drake's Find Your Love for International Video of the Year by a Canadian. But the Beliebers rallied and the Stratford, Ont., native snagged the UR Fave New Artist award for his Somebody to Love (remix) video.

There weren't many upsets at Sunday night's awards, but MuchMusic spiced things up by debuting a new statuette for the awards. The latest incarnation of the trophy - the fourth since the MMVAs started in 1990 - is made of an aluminium alloy, and distinctly brick-like in appearance. The statuette was redesigned as part of the music channel's rebranding efforts, said Peter Moller, creative director of design, in a news release.

"The heavy-weight trophy was meant to materialize the impact, significance, weight and profoundness of receiving a prize," he said in the release. "The simple yet stylish shape is timeless and is meant to be on a shelf or a proud MMVA winner for many years without becoming dated."

The size of the trophy also means that the winners' names will be engraved directly onto its surface, rather than on a plaque attached to a statue. At 10 pounds apiece, though, it may be a blessing in disguise that none of the nominated artists won more than two awards - that alone has to be worth a day off of training.
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